Breaking away from the traditional association with luxury sedans, Toyota ventures into a new realm with the Century SUV. This distinguished vehicle, described as a “new concept for chauffeur-driven mobility,” is redefining opulence in the automotive world. Priced at a hefty $170,000 in Japan, the Century SUV promises an unparalleled experience, marked by meticulous craftsmanship and innovative features.

Craftsmanship at the Tahara Plant: Produced at the prestigious Tahara Plant in Japan, the Century SUV undergoes a unique assembly process that departs from conventional practices. Unlike regular models, this luxobarge does not follow the typical inspection routine; instead, a master inspector takes charge of all final checks, introducing a new level of precision and scrutiny.

Master Inspector’s Rigorous Process: The master inspector, like Moriaki Higa, executes a meticulous 17-step process to ensure perfection in every detail. This includes an exhaustive examination of the paint job, a flawless engine bay, and meticulous scrutiny of body panel joints for uniformity. Higa emphasizes that the standards for the Century SUV surpass those set for Lexus vehicles, illustrating the uncompromising commitment to quality.

Specialized Paint Inspection: In a departure from standard practices, each Century SUV undergoes an in-depth paint inspection, surpassing the conventional sampling approach. The “coating clinic” addresses any paint defects, underscoring Toyota’s dedication to achieving flawless aesthetics for every vehicle.

Autonomous Driving Checks: Utilizing its Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) setup, the Century SUV autonomously navigates city driving simulations during the mechanical bits inspection. Toyota ensures that final adjustments to wheels and headlights are executed seamlessly, combining luxury with cutting-edge technology.

Dedicated Test Course: The posh SUV then embarks on a self-driven journey to a dedicated test course, where it undergoes high-speed tests to detect any unusual noises. A new test specifically analyzes the vehicle’s behavior in pure electric mode, ensuring a silent and smooth driving experience.

Efficiency and Projection: The entire process, from start to finish, spans three and a half hours, showcasing Toyota’s dedication to precision. With a monthly sales projection of 30 units, the Century SUV stands as a testament to Toyota’s commitment to elevating the standards of chauffeur-driven luxury mobility.

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