Winter weather is just around the corner – so get a step ahead and prepare early for cold conditions to keep your vehicle running and your family safe all season.

1) Check Tire Tread Depth

Worn tires and winter driving can be very dangerous during icy road conditions. They increase your stopping distance and decrease stability on wet/ice roads. We highly advise switching your summer tires to winter to avoid those slip-and-slide accidents. Pop into our Service department today to check the depth of your tread.

2)Test Your Car Battery

Car batteries have a limited life, and cold weather can affect their ability to charge. Have your battery tested early to ensure your vehicle stays running all winter. Besides testing voltage, a computerized battery tester checks for internal resistance and conductance to show you the battery’s overall condition. Plus, the battery tester also checks the condition of your starter and alternator.

3) Lubricate Window Tracks & All Exterior Handles/Locks/Weather Stripping

Frozen windows can be a big issue, and difficult to fix in a speedy manor. Even partially frozen windows can create drag when you try to open the window & damage the window regulator cables.  You can avoid the problem entirely by lubricating the window tracks with spray silicone or dry teflon spray lubricant. If water seeps between your door and freezes, you could be frozen out of your vehicle. To prevent the water from freezing you out, you can also coat the weather stripping and the mating door surfaces with spray silicone. To avoid spraying silicone into your car’s interior, spray it directly onto a clean rag. Then wipe the silicone lube onto your door and trunk weatherstripping. Repeat the procedure on door mating surfaces and the trunk lid.

4)Consider Winter Tires

Winter tires could save your life. Winter tires provide much more traction on snow, reducing your stopping distance by almost 30-ft. compared to all-season tires. Winter tires even perform better on ice, stopping you 48 percent faster and reducing side skid in turns. If you are in the market for winter tires, make sure to contact our Parts team today to assist.

5)Check Your Coolant

Engine coolant does more than protect your engine from freezing and cracking. Coolant also contains anti-corrosive additives and water-pump lubricants to keep your entire cooling system in tip-top shape.

6)Switch to Winter Wiper Blades

Standard wiper blades can get packed with snow, causing the blade to streak or miss large amounts of your windshield. Winter blades are designed with a rubber boot which encloses the entire blade, preventing ice and snow from sticking or packing. Proper winter wipers make for better visibility and safer driving in snow conditions. Make sure to pop into our dealership for a great deal on winter blades! We will put your new blades on your vehicle at no cost.

7)Assemble A Winter Survival Kit

Make sure you are prepared for anything with a quick roadside emergency kit!  If equipped, you can readily deal with most winter roadside breakdowns and avoid getting frostbite. For those of you that live or drive through rural areas, being stuck in a snow storm or whiteout can cost you your life.

*Jumper Cables

*Foldable Shovel

*First Aid Kit

*Warm Blanket/ Hat/ Mittens

*Phone Charger

*Tire Repair Kit


If you have any questions on any of the above items, or want to book an appointment to get your vehicle inspected make sure to give us a call today (403)526-6228 or book your Service appointment online – BOOK NOW.