Sleeping in your vehicle can make any trip more budget friendly. Here are some helpful tips to consider before hitting the road:


To make your travels more comfortable, keep minimalistic when packing. When you are packing a car start with essentials: sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, small camp stove, spork, water bottle, headlamp, etc. Using compression sacks and packing storage cubes will help you get your items as compact as possible. (See more details on what to pack below.)


REUSABLE WATER JUG – A reusable water jug/bottle and travel coffee mug are must-haves! Not only will it save you money. If you are looking for an excellent travel mug or water bottle make sure to visit our Parts Department and pick up a Medicine Hat Toyota YETI tumbler & water bottle!

EATING UTENSILS AND ACCESSORIES – Pack the basics: a bowl/plate, small knife, spoon/fork, reusable straw, soap and a small towl for washing up and you are good to go!


Lock your doors! When going to sleep, ensure that your keys close by, never leave your engine running, and always leave your drivers seat empty and accessible for an instance where you may need to leave abruptly. As well, make sure to let a friend or family member know where you are going and what your roadtrip timeline is going to be. When on the road, keep valuables  and electronic cords out of sight when leaving you car to avoid having anyone feel compelled to break in.

When going to sleep, health experts advise that you do not leave your engine running as there is a small risk of poor air quality and potential carbon monoxide poisoning. To stay safe, leave a small crack in your windows for fresh air and to prevent condensation building up inside the car.


Sleeping in your car the first time may feel uncomfortable. To help ease your mind,  try to find places to park that are private and quiet. Like most things, the more often you sleep in your car, the more comfortable you will be.

Another option is to bring privacy window coverings.  make some temporary curtains out of clothes or a sheet. Our Parts Department carries many window cover options in-stock!



Getting a good night of sleep can make or break your trip, and having a comfy sleeping pad makes all the difference! Using a lightweight inflatable sleeping pad is a great option when you have a smaller space. The second option is to use a thicker and bulkier car camping mattress. These are generally comfier, often cheaper, but do take up much more room in your vehicle when not in use. If you drive in something like a Toyota 4Runner, this would be an ideal option.


A must have for sleeping in your car is some sort of insulation to keep you warm throughout the evening. Again, if you are in a smaller vehicle, try to pack a lightweight sleeping bag. If you have larger space, bring blankets, a comforter, or duvet from home.


It is best not to rely on your interior light as that can drain your car battery. Bringing a small lantern for some ambient lighting and for when you need a larger space lit up. While driving, try to charge your electronics. Avoid leaving your car battery running for extended periods of time to avoid killing your battery.

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