On the way to the office, our Sales Manager Brandon spotted a Rav4 Prime Hybrid going through the Medicine Hat Tim Horton’s drive-through with an East Coast license plate…immediately he needed to learn more!

He sped up to catch the Rav4 at the next light to see if they would share some information. To his surprise, the couple was happy to take a moment to share their travel story and pulled over into the Home Depot parking lot.

Their Story: Baron and Karen drove their RAV4 Prime Hybrid from their home in Nova Scotia to BC’s Coast and are on their way home! By the end of their trip, they will total close to 17,000 km and spend under 2,000$ in fuel! WOW! This includes running the RAV4 almost every single night to stay in their cozy on-the-road climate-controlled Prime which keeps their fridge running 24/7, and an optimal sleeping temperature – all off pure electric! Total nights on the road will finish at 35-40, and only about 7 of those will be spent in hotels and the rest spent in Motel RAV4 Prime!

Driving around town the RAV4 Prime can run purely off electricity up to 70+km per charge! Matter of fact, their first tank of fuel lasted 4 months! Thank you Baron and Karen for taking the time to stop and share your Rav4 Prime travel story with us! We wish you safe travels the rest of your way home!